Acai Antioxidants

Acai is touted to be the #1 superfood in the world because of its high antioxidant levels. In fact, it is one of the top 5 richest sources of antioxidants. When all is said and done, however, there’s still one question – well, make that two – to ask: what are antioxidants anyway and how can they help?

antioxidants and free radicals
What Are Antioxidants ?
Everyone surely knows that our bodies have to consume oxygen to live. What few people are aware, however, is that this process has a by-product called free radicals. Such substances can also be something we inhale from smoking cigarettes and other air pollutants. Unfortunately for us, free radicals are not good for the body. They cause various kinds of damage and lead to numerous health complications and diseases like diabetes, macular degeneration, cancer, and cardiovascular disorders.

Free radicals are what we don’t want to remain inside our body and antioxidants are there to make sure of that. It is why antioxidants are also referred to as free radical scavengers. The more antioxidants we have in our bodies, the more free radicals are eliminated.

Types of Antioxidants
There are many kinds of antioxidants. You probably know some of them already but unaware of their antioxidant properties.

Garlic, chicken, eggs, grains, red meat, shellfish, and fish contain the highest amount of selenium.

Vitamin A and Carotenoids
These antioxidants can be found in bright-colored vegetables and fruits like peaches, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and squash.

Vitamin C
Citrus fruits like lime and oranges as well as green leafy vegetables and strawberries contain the highest amount of this antioxidant-friendly vitamin. Vitamin C is well known for it’s healing capacity. In today’s skincare, vitamin C is often viewed as one of the most important ingredients in skincare and beauty product.

Vitamin E
Liver and vegetable oil, green and leafy vegetables, whole grains, as well as nuts and seeds are the best sources for this vitamin and its antioxidant properties.

Polyphenols and flavonoids can be found in tea, cranberries, promegranate, purple grapes, red wine, and soy. Definitely, acai berries have a good amount of such antioxidants. Lycopene, on the other hand, can be found not only in tomato products but in watermelon and pink grapefruit as well. Rye, barley, oatmeal, and flax seed are the best sources for lignan while lutein can be found in dark green vegetables.

Vitamin-Like Antioxidants
Supplements with glutathione and Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 possess an abundant quality of vitamin-like antioxidants.

Antioxidants Produced by the Body
Yes, indeed, the human body is also capable of producing its own antioxidants albeit as enzymes. These include glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and superoxide dismutase (SOD).

Antioxidants and Acai Berries
Thanks to the antioxidant properties of acai berries, you stand to gain the benefits below once you start consuming any acai-based product regularly.

Better Mental Focus
Antioxidant properties of acai berry simply make your mind sharper. Whenever you sleep, antioxidant properties make sure your brain obtains maximum advantage of your rest so that you wake up fully refreshed and energized.

Faster Weight Loss
Antioxidants in acai berries make you lose weight more quickly and easily for various reasons. Because of acai berry intake, you feel full longer and you’re consequently less inclined to eat more. Your metabolism rate and the speed of which your body burns fats increase. Your body also gets rid of LDL or bad cholesterol while maintaining levels of HDL or good cholesterol.

Younger-Looking Skin
Finally, the antioxidant properties of acai berries are largely responsible for making your skin younger-looking. Your flesh becomes smoother, more supple, and clearer.

Indeed, what else can you ask for from a supplement when you’ve got acai berry?

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