Understanding the Power of Acai Berry Cleanse

Whether you’re using an acai berry cleanse or another acai-based formula doesn’t matter. The results will remain the same: you get to enjoy various health benefits just by consuming an acai-based product, beverage, or supplement.
Acai Berry Cleanse
What Are Acai Berries Anyway?
Good question! This shows that you don’t let yourself get taken in by the aggressive advertisements of food and drug manufacturers, advertisements which may or may not be true.

Acai berries grow from acai palms. This fruit is small and purple in color and they very much resemble grapes. They only grow in the Amazon forests and it’s only recently that Brazilian plantations began importing them to international markets. Nevertheless, acai berries have been consumed for hundreds of years by locals and historical studies show evidence of the various health and medical benefits it contributes.

Parts of an Acai Berry
The actual fruit or edible part of the berry only constitutes 10% of it. The rest consists of the berry’s pit or seed. After they’re harvested, the acai berries go through a process to separate the pulp – the edible part – from its pit. The resulting substance is called puree.

Why is Acai Berry Considered a SuperFood ?
If the likes of Oprah are featuring acai berry then people better start paying attention. Indeed, acai berries can be considered superfood because of its high nutritional content. The amount of antioxidants within its tiny body alone is amazing. ORAC, which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a scale used for measuring antioxidant levels in a certain food. ORAC results show that not only does acai berry has one of the highest antioxidant levels but it may also have the best overall nutritional content among all the world’s fruits.

How Can Acai Berry Cleanse Help You ?
Now, when you start taking acai berry cleanse or any similar acai-based product, these are just some of the numerous health advantages you get to enjoy.

Pain and Soreness
Acai berry may not be a magical substance to be able to make pain and soreness go away, but it can help improve critical body functions so that whatever symptoms you’re suffering from could be alleviated. Furthermore, acai berry help boost the immune system, allowing you to heal faster and reduce the extent and duration of your suffering.

Better Sleep
Let’s start with the brain. Serotonin and dopamine are the two neurotransmitters responsible for your body’s ability to sleep. The chemical properities of acai berry regulate them so that you can fall asleep easily and relax more deeply in your slumber. Secondly, acai berry possess amino acids that allow you to alleviate muscle tension and stress while sleeping.

Increased Libido
better Sleep with acai berry supplementThis is why acai berry is also known as the “Viagra of the Amazon”. It may not exactly be an aphrodisiac but it works just like one. Acai berry cleanse helps in increasing your stamina, boosting your energy levels, sharpening your mental focus, and improving your overall sense of well-being.

All these contribute to increased libido and greater physical satisfaction for you and your partner. And of course, all these are again made possible by the nutritional contents of acai berry.

Fight Aging
Finally, acai berry cleanse can very well be your #1 weapon against aging. Of course, it won’t work from the outside like cold creams and other beauty products. Rather, it works from within but still makes your body perform, feel, and look better.

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