Acai Berry Nutritional Content

natural acai berryAcai berry may not be a commonly known fruit, but as far as Brazilian tribes are concerned, these small grape-like berries not only make a delicious treat but allow them to enjoy various health benefits as well. If you’re looking for something to add to your healthy diet regime, acai berries are definitely something you should consider.

What Are Acai Berries ?
Acai berries are fruits native to the Amazon forest. They possess a deep purplish color, making it easy for many to mistake them for grapes. They cannot, however, be consumed in the same way as acai berries are largely composed of its pit. Processing methods separate its pulp and seed, consequently creating juice one can use in desserts and yogurts.

Of course, you can choose to eat them as they are. Brazilian locals have been doing it for centuries, after all. When you do, you’ll notice how acai berries would remind you of the taste of chocolate berries.

Acai Berries in the United States
First there was the string bikini. Soon after that came the ever-popular Brazilian wax method to keep unwanted hair from public display. And finally, in the 1990’s Brazil came up with another in-demand import with acai berries. They were an instant sensation, especially when considering the increasing popularity of the holistic health industry.

What Does Acai Berries Contain ?
If you’re wondering why acai berries are extremely good for your health then all you need to do is look into acai berries nutritional content. You’ll immediately know why and how your health’s going to benefit from acai berry intake.

acai health researchThe health industry is all about antioxidants nowadays. It’s why green tea and many so-called superfoods are in great demand. If antioxidants are also what you’re after then you’ll find an abundant amount of it in acai berries.

More specifically, acai berries have a considerable amount of anthocyanins in them. This type of antioxidant is responsible for the berry’s purplish color. As for your health, anthocyanins are very good at slowing down the aging process. Secondly, anthocyanins also has several cardiovascular benefits to contribute. For one thing, acai berries are good at blood clot prevention, which consequently improves blood circulation in your body.

Besides anthocyanins, acai berries also contain Vitamin E, which is another substance known for its antioxidant properties.

Fatty Acids
These elements are yet another thing that the health market is so crazy about. Luckily for us, acai berries have a considerable amount of them, oleic acid (omega-9) and linoleic acid (omega-6) in particular. Fatty acids are excellent for maintaining excellent HDL levels while reducing LDL levels in your body, improving absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, repairing muscles, and keeping your nervous system healthy.

Those two particular fatty acids are something you can also find in olive oil. But then, you couldn’t exactly drink olive oil even if you wanted to, could you? Thankfully, acai berries are something you can consume immediately. They taste great raw, but they taste equally good when they’re processed into juices and other forms.

Although the function and even the structure of these elements are comparable to your body’s cholesterol, having phytosterols in your body is not, however, a bad thing. These elements, which are also referred to as plant sterols, can actually contribute to reduced cholesterol levels. Not only that but phytosterols are also able to improve urinary tract health by alleviating the symptoms of enlarged prostate glands.

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