8 Great Reasons Why Acai is the Superfood Among Superfoods

Check out any media report and you’re sure to see a lot of them claiming acai berries to be the #1 superfood today. If you’re looking for something tasty and healthy to keep you physically fit, here are seven great reasons to include acai berries in your diet.
acai berry antioxidant
Rich in Antioxidants
Search any list of foods with antioxidant properties and you’re sure to see acai claiming one of the top positions. Indeed, acai berries has one of the greatest amount of antioxidants among foods. They definitely contain a lot more antioxidants compared to grapes, red wine, and other kinds of berries.

If you’re wondering why people are making a big fuss about antioxidants, it’s only because these elements are effective in destroying free radicals in your body. Free radicals are responsible for many a negative change in your body, including speeding up the aging process. And definitely, not one of us wants to get – or look – older than we should, don’t you think?

Another undesirable consequence of having free radicals in our bodies is a reduced rate of your metabolism. Faster metabolism is always good because it means quicker digestion and consequently, an easier time to stay trim and fit. Free radicals prevent you from enjoying that, but thankfully, the antioxidants in acai berries won’t allow that to happen.

The best things in life often have the worst consequences for our bodies. This is certainly true with all the junk food we’ve been consuming. Thankfully, acai berries can be used to combat that. They’re good at detoxifying your body, cleansing out toxic materials and improving blood circulation.

Do you know that even the very color of acai berries portent a good thing? The purplish color of acai berries is indicative of its energizing abilities. When factories process them into juices, it’s like getting your own healthy kind of Gatorade.

Rich in Vitamin B Complex
Yet another reason why acai is considered a superfood among superfoods is its high B complex vitamin content. Their presence ascertain the efficient functioning of your nervous system as well as assisting in red blood cell formation.

Rich in Vitamin C
Citrus Vitamin CAcai berries are not all about antioxidants. If that were true then they wouldn’t be considered a superfood in the first place. Another nutritional benefit acai berries offer are their vitamin C content. Yes, you can get Vitamin C from citrus fruits like orange, but aren’t you in the mood for a little variety? With acai berries, you get the same nutritional benefits in a tasty twist. Vitamin C, by the way, is good for preventing blood clotting and assists in calcium and iron absorption.

Rich in Fatty Acids
Few people are probably aware that 32.5% of acai berries consist of fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acid. Fatty acids are excellent in lowering bad cholesterol levels which consequently help you maintain your ideal weight as well as keeping your body healthy.

Good for the Immune System
The overall nutritional properties of acai berries help boost your body’s immune system. With that, you get better protection against all kinds of diseases.

Rich in Fiber
Lastly, acai berries also contain a healthy dollop of fiber in them. Fiber not only prevents digestive disorders but also allows you to feel full for a relatively longer period of time without having consumed as much as you normally would.

When you consider all these, it’s no surprise acai is considered a superfood.

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