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Rehabilitation Center in Southern Arizona Supported By Global Community Communications Alliance

Global Community Communications Alliance has the distinction of being the first Urantia Book Church in the world, founded on the teachings from the sacred texts of the Urantia Book and the Cosmic Family Volumes. Members of Global Community Communications Alliance seek to open the eyes of others to the Fatherhood of God and the brother/sisterhood of all humankind. With a growing membership in Southern Arizona and a multitude of supporters worldwide, Global Community Communications Alliance continues to make a life-changing impact on troubled teens and young adults through its sponsorship of public outreach efforts, such as the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program.

Global Community Communications Alliance Provides Spiritual Guidance To Local Youth

While Global Community Communications Alliance sponsors a number of public service programs within the Southern Arizona community, the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program is among its most successful. In this unique residency program, emotionally and spiritually distressed young adults are rehabilitated through innovative techniques in the areas of agricultural training, spiritual encouragement, counseling and service to others. A customized plan of action is created for each participant, focusing on healing the soul and identifying what underlying factors may be preventing the individual from finding success.

Participants in the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program are inspired daily by the example of their mentors, the members of Global Community Communications Alliance. In this role, mentors and tutors provide important leadership and assistance with agricultural training, organic gardening and ranching, and various sustainable community development projects. The program provides students with opportunities to improve their lives, including a chance to complete their high school equivalency and gain valuable job training skills.

Helping to heal the souls of these spiritually troubled youth is an important process that the members of Global Community Communications Alliance are proud to take part in. Cultivating young adults who are ready to tackle the responsibilities of living a God-directed life is among the main goals of Global Community Communications Alliance, through the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program.

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