The Healthy Way to Lose Weight

So you want to lose weight, but you haven’t been having any real success? Well here are ten tips to help you.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. One important rule to be followed is: Eat the rainbow each day! So a perfect daily diet would consist of: a red tomato; an orange carrot; a yellow banana; a green apple; and blueberries.

Avoid too much cholesterol, sugar, or trans fat. An excess of cholesterol can lead to a blood clot. And sugar is converted to fat in the body.

Avoid too much sodium. It is essential for functions like muscle contraction, but too much raises blood pressure.

Beware of food labels. A new law allows food-producing companies to state the amount of a given nutrient as 0% if it is less than a certain amount. Likewise, many foods labeled as “fat free” or “cholesterol free” has large amounts of sugar added to compensate.

Get regular aerobic exercise. Strengthening exercises do not really help burn fat.

Use the more vigorous alternative when possible. Walk to work or to the store, using the car only for large distances. (You’ll also save on gas this way.)

Keep track of your weight regularly. Get on the scale at least once a week, and make a record of your weight. At the same time record your diet and exercise habits, so that if you’ve lost weight
Healthy Way to Lose Weight
Get plenty of rest and sleep. They can directly impact on your weight loss ability. When you feel groggy, you’re more likely to eat “comfort foods” to compensate for that unpleasant feeling, or otherwise make unhealthy choices. Besides, sleep gives you more energy to exercise.

Follow your physician’s instructions. He may order you, for instance, to take vitamin pills with your meals.

Don’t go for liposuction! Not only liposuction prices are too high — a neck liposuction, for instance, can cost from $2,000 to $4,000, and an operation on the abdomen $7,500 — but it can result in complications, such as infection, damage to skin, bleeding, and seromas.

You may also need additional surgery, which will drive your medical bill up even higher. Neck liposuction has sometimes resulted in loose skin, and even swelling.

Follow the above guidelines, and besides not having to pay the high price of liposuction, you can throw all that extra weight off. And keep it off!

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